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Key fundraiser on leave? Vacant position? We've got you covered!

Service Description

Do you have a vacancy on your executive leadership or development team? Perhaps your Development Director, Executive Director, or another key fundraiser will be out of the office for an extended period of time. Don't worry - we can help! You'll need support to push critical development projects forward in the interim. We can help you "bridge the gap" and maintain momentum, with laser-focus on key tasks and your most important fundraising goals, key services to clients, and program outcomes. Let us lighten the workload for leadership staff and board members, buying valuable time and "breathing room" so that you can run an effective search and hiring process, without the stress of overseeing day-to-day operations and executing fundraising tasks that need attention. We can also help you with the hiring process, including reviewing and rating resumes, conducting phone screening interviews and checking references. We know fundraising, and we can help you identify high-quality prospects and narrow your candidate pool down to the best potential fits for your organization. We offer interim support packages ranging from 4 weeks all the way up to a full year in length, with period of support flexible based on your organizations' unique situation. We also offer project-specific services customized to your needs. Contact us at to learn more and to receive a pricing proposal for your project.

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